Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage is a relaxing, energizing healing tradition. Related to Hatha Yoga, it has roots in Ayurvedic medicine. Often referred to as assisted Yoga, Thai massage activates the chakras and stimulates the body's ability to heal. Immediately following a session, you may expect to feel looser, freer and more energized. I choose to perform Thai massage on a massage table, rather than on a mat in the traditional method, out of respect for my own body and increased comfort of the recipient.

Thai is often performed with the recipient wearing loose clothing. I sometimes do this. Often clients will be draped so that we can combine other massage methods within the same session. I can perform all of the Asanas (positions) with secure draping should you decide to receive this way.

Michael offers Professional Massage Therapy at your location on South Miami Beach!

Enjoy an eclectic, therapeutic blend of many massage modalities and styles to relax, engage the senses, energize and feel great! Welcome to South Miami Beach!

Experience incredible, delightful, transformative massage therapy. Profoundly restorative, Michael's professional massage therapy releases deeply held muscle tension, unblocks holding patterns and taps your body's own healing energy. Your South Beach Massage Therapy session will leave you feeling great!

Michael deftly incorporates many massage styles, such as Swedish Massage, Esalen Massage, Thai Massage (Thai Yoga), Lomi Lomi, Multi Dimensional Movement Arts as needed into his sessions. Michael also takes particular joy in providing pre and post-natal massage to expectant and new mothers.Michael's therapeutic massage has a powerful energetic component that helps you arrive at that space of deep healing. Licensed in Florida (MA-50531)


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