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Marisol, LMT, Soul Coach, Healer
My first session with Michael was a life changing experience for me. Seconds after his hands touched my skin, tears began flowing from my eyes. I was hugely surprised. It wasn't sadness, or pain, or despair. It was a new feeling of discovery, discovery of myself. It was a sensation of not only the physical pleasure of getting a healing massage, but of tremendous expansion. His touch was opening me. I was connecting with deep parts of myself. And I felt 100% safe in my vulnerability. I felt protected, nourished, nurtured, loved, and deeply cared for. In his gentle way he set me free. I left the session feeling empowered, whole and very satisfied.

A client on receiving undraped Temple Lomi Lomi
My experience overall is one of feeling cherished and honored. I feel doted on almost, especially when my head is cradled in the crook of your elbow. I feel very safe and spoiled... pampered.

It does require for me a breakthrough in trust. I surrender my self-protection and to receiving at the same time. I experience a greater sense of safety in the context of sacred space that's created with the meditation/blessing and anointing. I float in bliss and indulgence, safe and secure, cherished and cradled. I think the only thing better is probably breastfeeding as a child!

Nicole, Licensed Massage Therapist, Miami Beach
The experience of the Aquatic Lomi Lomi, took me to a place no bodywork has taken me before. Michael Brechtel creates the safe place to visit with one's soul. I felt divine being guided this way and that, embraced by the water. real time stood still. After an hour an half in the water, I came back to the world with fresh eyes, and an open heart. I have received various types of massages and bodywork and Michael's work was indescribably, magical. An experience you must have for yourself!

A client, former coworker and fellow LMT
I always choose to have bodywork sessions with Michael because I trust his cultivated, loving, innate medicine. Being very sensitive myself to other's energy, I find I can naturally let go, trust and surrender when I'm in his care. Each session I receive excellent therapeutic and spiritual healing work, and each session is different on all levels. He creates and holds divine sacred space filled with love, intention and humble stewardship. Those ingredients together create what I need in the moment. I always have a blissful, magical experience. That's what I LOVE! We are blessed to have such a strong, wise, beautiful soul as Michael devoting his life to the healing arts.
Thank you Michael! I love you!

Tara, LMT
Our session brought me back within myself, to the age of 7 years old. I felt fresh, new and unharmed.

Client, a Shaman and Yoga instructor, on her experience in an undraped Lomi Lomi session
I think I did a form of trauma work on your table. The trauma was not receiving enough love and acceptance from my parents as a child or young girl. Or I could say the trauma was all the punishments I received and the unconscious hurtful things said that made me feel ugly ashamed and inadequate, not worthy.

What I felt in the experience with you was a powerful unconditional love that just kept standing there holding me. After some time, a kind of dream came over me as if my father were telling me how beautiful I am and dancing with me telling me I am the daughter he always wanted. That he wouldn't change a thing about me, I'm just beautiful inside and out. He's so proud of me, I'm a gem. He was holding me and adoring me. And on and on it went until I just burst out in tears and had this big release. (I never got this said to me or conveyed in any way as a child). I really felt such love pouring into me that my heart cracked open. Then as if you knew what I was dreaming, you whispered those words I needed to hear, out loud and it just internally scripted in the dream and manifest through you. 'I am worthy of love, I am beautiful.'"

Robyn Paula, Licensed Massage Therapist, Miami Beach
Ah, Lomilomi.....the most beautiful, spiritual, delicious massage ever. After the Lomilomi session with Michael I felt genuine clarity and happiness. All the stuff that my brain had been worrying about was cleared out. Michael's bodywork had washed all the non-essential stuff away and left me with pure bliss.

Barbara, Licensed Massage Therapist, Miami Beach
Lomilomi with Michael was an experience unlike any other. Michael has a very respectful, professional presence, but in the same time manages to be receptive and open, almost vulnerable (thus relatable). His work is a dance of receptivity and assertiveness/strength. Through his well-wishing attitude, he creates a safe and sacred space where guards can go down and the healing can happen. By healing I mean releasing multidimensional holding patterns, communication with inner self, surrendering little ego to something greater... besides more obvious symptoms like deep relaxation, increased circulation and feeling of bliss. All the rocking, wavelike, rhythmic yet unpredictable movements (like pattern of ocean waves) have quite a transforming effect. Plus my hair loved the jojoba oil he so generously applied! I can definitely recommend Lomilomi with Michael for someone ready for such transforming experience.

Client, an LMT
I think your work is profound and courageous. I usually feel refreshed and lighter after a session, definitely more connected or aware of my divine energy. I find that massage is already very intimate and one feels very vulnerable. Probably the most important component I feel is necessary for true healing and or the opportunity for healing is trust. You must trust that the person working on you has the purest holistic intent and respects your boundaries and allows for you to open like a flower in your own time and pace.

Mona, Licensed Massage Therapist/Esthetician Miami, Florida
As a believer and recipent of massage for over 10 years, including therapeutic deep tissue work, and also as a graduated student of Educating Hands, I appreciate the opportunity to practice and to receive Lomilomi massage with Michael.
As a teacher, he is very inspiring and creative. As a professional massage therapist, he is very talented, intuitive and spiritual. Michael has the wonderful shamanic gift of healing, which originates from a higher power and is conveyed through his touch to his recipient.
Because of this and more, his massage is the best massage I have ever had! If you need to relax, re-balance, or renew your mind, body and/or spirit, and are open to receiving a new level of holistic healing, then experience Michael's Heavenly Massage!

Diann, Cruise Specialist and Travel Agent
I have had massage for about 20 years. I have had massage in great places - Bali overlooking the sea, Budapest at the Gellert Hotel, Christ Church, New Zealand, China on board a cruise of the Yangtze, maybe 20 European countries including France, Switzerland, Germany, always at their best spas, and I still have not had a massage therapist as good as Michael. How much more could a person want than a massage by Michael?

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Judie, Business Owner Massage with Michael is extraordinary. I feel as if I am the leading lady in a finely choreographed dance where my body, soul, and energy are united as one. Michael brings a grounded and peaceful energy to the massage experience that is relaxing and serene. I float away from the experience feeling safe, centered, and optimistic. Anyone looking for a massage experience that is remarkable, affordable, and professional need look no further than Michael.

LaWhan, Executive You always make me feel like I am in heaven!! I really want to say that I am sad that you are leaving even though I am happy for you. I am glad that I have one last appointment and I wish that I was moving with you. I am sure that no one is going to top you for massages.

Maria, Executive, DuPont Company
I've been seeing Michael for massages for about 5 years now. He gives the best massage ever. His technique is heavenly and I always leave feeling 100% better.
I'm going to miss him! You are getting the best.
I may just have to fly down to South Beach for my massage now... :-)
All the best Michael...luv ya!

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Michael's cell phone is Area Code 302, 290-3597
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